This month we have been working on a very unique and unusual project. One of our regular customers came to us with a picture of an original timber sash window that they wanted us to replicate for them using our range of colour and obscure films.

This is the wooden sash they brought in for us to replicate, as you can see this is a very detailed design.

Original wooden sash window

In order for us to get the blue star corner pieces reproduced we have to first scan a picture into our laptop then once stored we can cut the design out. We normally use the plotter on our sandblast designs that you can see on the website. It can however be used to cut out intricate and detailed design on the colour film that we use. Once the template has been cut out of the colour film, it is then time to clean the glass and apply the design to it.

Blue corner pieces

Once the blue corners are dry we then go about cutting out the yellow/amber pieces of colour film. Once again the glass is washed ready to apply the colour film as before. If you look closely you will notice that the centre film is a different style and design to the original sash. The reason for this is the customer wanted a slightly different design and also a bit more obscurity in the pattern for more privacy.

Duplex bar frame

Once the film is dry we can then make up the duplex bar frame. You can see on the original frame that the six sections are individual pieces of glass. In order to replicate this effect we use a system called Duplex bar/Conservation bar (please see the website for more information on this system). By using Duplex this allows us to achieve the effect of having individual panes of glass in your windows by only using one sealed unit.

When the sealed unit is complete and installed into the new frame external wooden beads are stuck over the duplex bars on both outside panes of glass to give the effect of multi panes of glass.

Finished sealed unit

Once the sealed unit is finished and installed into the frame it looks just like an original sash window. I personally feel that the new sash window lets in a lot more light than the old original one.