We started this week with a rather interesting project. We had a customer call us up and order a Boggle design splash-back for their kitchen. Now I know your wondering what is a Boggle splash-back and what doe’s it look like, well read on and all will be revealed.

The Boggle design is a funky modern design which looks amazing when installed into a modern kitchen. The customer chose to have the design in purple and white which would match the scheme of their kitchen.


The process starts by cutting the 6mm Lo-Iron glass, which you can see Kristian doing here. The next step in the process is to polish the edges of the glass. We do this on our in-house polishing machine, you put the glass on the conveyor belt and it goes though the machine which polishes that edge then when it’s out the other end you just turn it over on to the next edge and start again.

Now we move on to the interesting part. We now have to print out the design using our vinyl plotter. Depending on how intricate the design is, it can take anything from 5 minutes to 1 hour to print out. Once the pattern has been plotted out, we apply the application masking tape which is used to hold the design in place when we peel the backing paper off.

The next step is the tricky part of this process, we now have to peel off the backing paper leaving the design intact, if this part goes wrong then we have to plot out a whole new design, which as you can imagine can be a little bit frustrating. We now have to line the glass up on top of the design making sure it sits perfectly over the pattern before we stick it down. Once this is done we can turn the glass over and with a rubber roller we roll the design on to the glass making sure we eliminate any air bubbles from the design.


Next up we have to now peel off all the parts of the design we don’t require, and as you see Kristian got that job to lol. This step can again take anything from 5 minutes to an hour. The Boggle design usually takes about half an hour to prepare for spraying.

boogle spraying

Now it’s time to mix the paint up. Using our software programme we put in either the RAL code or Pantone code that the customer gives us and the software gives us a print out of the mixture combination that is required for which ever colour we need. Using special scales we start to measure out the various colours needed to make the purple and white we require for this design. First we spray the whole glass with the white paint this normally needs 3-4 coats to get the colour even all over. Once the white paint is dry we carefully peel the remaining pieces of the design off the glass leaving clear areas that will now have the purple colour sprayed over them. We set the glass up in the spray booth again and this time spraying over the top of the white we cover the glass in the purple colour this time, again this takes up to 3-4 coats of paint.

boogle finished

And there you have it a finished Boggle design splash-back, we are really pleased with this design and I think you’ll agree the colours really do go well together. If your interested in having a Boggle splash-back done after reading this or would like to see our full range of splash-back designs then please visit our website (  and have a look for yourself. Thank you for taking time to read this and please check back soon for our next blog on another project we have coming up.