Project Description

Today we have received an order for one of our more popular coloured lead design units aptly, named, The Harlequin due to its diamond shaped bevels and bright coloured film design.

The process is started by copy drawing the design onto the glass in order to see where the lead is to be applied.

Next we cut the coloured film to the shape and size we require and setting it aside while we concentrate on the bevel bonding.

Now it’s time to apply the glass bevels this is done by applying a special UV glue which, when applied to the bevels is hardened of using our UV lamp and once bonded is set for life, so no worry about it coming unstuck.

The last part is to gather your colour film that you prepared earlier and apply to the glass where required to make the harlequin design we have used red, green, blue and yellow but any colour can be used and is optional.

Once applied the film takes 24 hours to dry and is ready to be made into a double glazed sealed unit which is hermetically sealed and good to go.

The Harlequin is usually ordered as a pair and glazed into a 2 panel door which looks stunning.