Project Description

Here at Lead designs we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new coloured glass & lead Finesse units.

A finesse unit is a combination of original coloured glass + leaded lights & todays compliant double glazed sealed units.

Using individual pieces of coloured glass which are cut by hand, we bond them to the outside pane of glass, putting all the pieces together a bit like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Once the bonding agent is dry we can then lay the lead over the top and then solder all the joints to make it look like an orginal stained glass window.

The benefits of using the individual pieces of coloured glass as oppossed to using the more modern colour film, is that you can achieve differant textures of glass which you can combine into the design. A lot of customers prefer this as it really breaks the pattern up and isn’t something you can achieve with the colour films used in the modern double glazing leads.

As well as coloured glass we can also incoporate glass roundalls and painted pieces of glass into the designs if required.

All Finesse units can be made to comply to current building regulations and can also be glazed into most frames i:e wood, aliminium and Upvc.

If you would like a quote on our new Finesse units then please give us a call.