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Sealed unit

Sealed Units

A sealed unit is a construction of 2 panes of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar made to form a cavity between the panes.  A dessicant is incorporated in the spacer bar to dry up any residual moisture.  An edge sealant is then applied to all four sides to form an airtight seal.

We offer Swiss warm edge bar in various colours from 8mm up to 20mm, we also stock aluminium spacer bar from 4mm up to 20mm in silver, black, bronze, white and even gold.

We manufacture any combination of glasses including energy efficient low e, toughened safety glass, accoustic and self cleaning glasses with many more options available.  Argon gas filling is also available to give greater thermal insulation performance.

We also manufacture triple glazed units which are the same as above using three panes of glass, a triple glazed unit is better for insulation than a double glazed unit and from a safety point of view harder to break, we can also insert your old (or new) traditional leads into triple glazed units making them easier to clean and protect. Please see our triple glazing page.

Slimline units are a new concept in double glazing popular with joiners in conservation areas to replace single glazing with energy efficient slimline double glazing, please see our slimline page.

All our units are made inhouse and tested yearly to current manufacturing specifications as listed on our homepage and are guaranteed for 5 years subject to glazing conditions.

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