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Mirrors Cut to Size

Mirrors these days are an essential feature in most homes.We help many different types of client find the perfect mirror for their application. You could be a builder, contractor, interior designer or a decorator who is fitting out:

  • a new build.Mirrors Cut to Size
  • an extension or new bathroom.
  • a gym.
  • a shop like a hairdressers.
  • a specialised project.

You may also be a member of the public who requires:

  • a made to measure mirror for your home.
  • a replacement mirror for a bathroom.
  • a mirror to go on new or old wardrobe doors.

We can supply you with 4mm or 6mm mirror and can also offer the following on all our mirrors:

  • polished or bevelled edges.
  • drill holes for fixing to wall or for door handles.
  • safety backing or foil backing.
  • sandblasted for strip lighting behind mirror.
  • cut outs for plug sockets.

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