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Colour Lead Units

We design and manufacture our own self adhesive colour lead units for fanlights, door panels and side lights with many more options available - including your own designs which our experienced staff would be happy to advise you on.

Triple glazed units

We have now taken stained glass and bevel designs, which have traditionally been double glazed, and triple glazed them.
The decision is proving very popular with installers and consumers alike, no more oxidising or peeling surface lead, with the added advantage of accoustic insulation and easy cleaning.

See below for a small selection of our colour lead designs

DG 1

Dual Glazed 1

DG 2

Dual Glazed 2

DG 3

Dual Glazed 3


DG 4

Dual Glazed 4


DG 5

Dual Glazed 5


DG 6

Dual Glazed 6


 Dual Glazed 28

Dual Glazed 28


 Dual Glazed 29

Dual Glazed 29


 Dual Glazed 30

Dual Glazed 30


HG 4

Half Glazed 4


HG 5

Half Glazed 5


HG 6

Half Glazed 6

Lead Sizes

Self adhesive lead sizes available are 4.5mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm. Flat or oval in silver or antique finish with gold finish lead also available. Soldered joints are standard. Remember, there are hundreds of different colour and texture films to choose from... 

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